oh snap! you actually came to my page?!?


stalk much???

:P ^ - ^ XD

just messing with ya...

wanna connect with me at some other sites?

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use the drop down menu to find my screen names to my other pages

This page is basically a collection of things I've done on IMVU. What is IMVU? You don't have IMVU? click the banner below for more info...

Here are some logos I made for my IMVU products

each logo is linked ;)

please take a moment to check out my products....

now charging 1000 credits for requests

to show me support on your page, copy and paste the code below the banner of your choice. much love :)

i'm making stickers, avatar display pictures, signature banners, and back grounds

stickers = 550 credits out the catalog

avi pics = 250 credits

sig banners = 350 credits

backgrounds = 500 credits

for requests, please email me :


free imvu credits
don't like my page? please send me an email: ;)



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